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15 Steps to build a Digital Health tool

Building a Digital Health tool has the potential to substantially improve the lives of your users, and can bring exponential benefits to you and your...
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What are User Personas?

Every product we create is built with the end user in mind. Throughout our design process we focus on understanding potential users and identifying...
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User Centered Design for Digital Health

Having created Digital Health tools with the likes of Kings College London, Warwick University & University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust,...
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Agile Development and Digital Health

Digital Health Tools are rapidly increasing in both popularity and demand, with over 318,000 health apps available on app stores, and over 50% of...
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How to get your digital health app made

So, you want to get an app made? But, you also have no internal development staff and no idea of where it is that you should start? Well, that’s...
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